Growbaby donations

Growbaby aims to provide families in need with good quality baby clothes and equipment, free of charge. We accept donations of baby clothes and equipment in good condition. Due to storage limitations, we do not accept donations of toys. The project grew out of a desire to serve the community in a very practical way, to offer another way for people to get to know us at Ivy Street and to make more links with local services.

With the help of City partners, UBS, Linklaters and Broadgate Estates, we launched Growbaby in September 2013 with a party attended by many of our supporters including Meg Hillier MP who even donated some of her own baby things, saying “I feel so attached to these things but I know they’ll go to someone who really needs them, that means I can let go!”

Since the launch of Growbaby, we have helped hundreds of families with essential items, and as we are able to support them on an ongoing basis, we have built great relationships, with many becoming part of the Ivy Street family.

While we do not charge anything for the items we give away, we have put together the costing of a new baby pack, to illustrate the amount we can save people.*


Moses basket and bedding          £35

2 x Grobag sleeping bags             £30

8 x vests                                         £10

8 x sleepsuits                                 £12

Snowsuit                                        £20

Nappies                                          £5

Wipes                                             £2

Breast pads                                  £4

Steriliser                                      £20

Bottles and teats                        £15

Pram                                           £250

TOTAL                                        £403


Hoxton Growbaby was inspired by Kingston Growbaby, established in 2001, they have been serving their community ever since and have helped hundreds of families in need.

Growbaby is a open project available to anyone in need. No referral is necessary.

If you are a family in need of help, please come along on a Thursday between 10am and 2pm and one of our team will help you choose some items.


Items must not be left outside the centre when we are closed.

*we cannot guarantee the contents of a newborn bundle, as it depends on what we have available.

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